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No Meat Athlete Marathon Road Map Meals, Days 1-2


No Meat Athlete Marathon Road Map Meals, Days 1-2

This article is for information only and doesn’t call for any action.
So my next marathon — the Nashville Rock & Roll Marathon — is April 27! I’m using the No Meat Athlete marathon roadmap 3.0 training plan, and it includes a 2-week meal plan to try during the lead-up to the race. The race is 3 weeks away, but I’ll be in sunny Florida next week! On vacay! So I’m doing week one of the meal plan this week to get my eating in line before I pig the heck out in Fort Lauderdale. And then I’ll do week two of the meal plan when I return to Memphis.

I’ve followed this plan before, so some of these dishes may seem familiar, but it was several races ago. And that was from version 2.0, so this meal plan is just a little different. Lots of the same recipes though (also some of the same recipes from the No Meat Athlete Health Made Simple plan I did last fall). I’ll recap Monday and Tuesday’s meals tonight and save the rest for tomorrow.

Monday morning started with a Greens Fruit Flax Smoothie with apple, banana, flax, and spinach. I took a rest day from running/working out since I ran 20 miles on Sunday!

Morning snack was an Orange & Raw Almonds.
Lunch was Brown Rice with Bragg’s, Lime, and Avocado. And sriracha for me! I loved this simple meal. I’d never think to just have rice and avocado and call it lunch, but why not?
Afternoon snack every day is a Giant Salad, but mine have been sort of mid-sized so far. This one has strawberries, red cabbage, carrots, bell pepper, spinach, and an oil-free lemon-thyme dressing. The creepy elephant is in our breakroom at work.
Dinner was Orzo with Citrus Veggies. I LOVE orzo pasta because it’s like rice made from spaghetti! This cold pasta salad was tossed with avocado, cherry tomato, shallot, garlic, lime, and fresh orange juice.
On Tuesday, I decided to save my run for the afternoon. So I slept in and had a Mango Jalapeno Smoothie with mango, banana, walnuts, jalapeno, lime, and spinach. Love this spicy combo!
Morning snack was a Veggie Hummus Wrap. That sounded like a huge snack (my wraps are like 210 calories alone, before filling!), so I opted for a half-wrap. I used pine nut hummus, carrot, red cabbage, bell pepper, and spinach.
Lunch was leftover orzo pasta salad. Since I had an afternoon run planned, I had an extra snack of a Blueberry Muffin Larabar. I love Larabars for pre-run since they’re made with quick-digesting dates.
I ran about 3.5 miles after work, and then I had some apple juice (for quick post-run carbs). Then, I snacked on my salad (similar to Monday’s but with added cooked orzo since I had some leftover) while I cooked dinner. My dinner was really awesome — Potato Lentil Curry over Brown Rice! It was made with coconut milk and lots of spices. So good!

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