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Horoscope for 2019


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As follows from the Chinese astrological calendar this year, the pig sponsors. However, in Japan they believe that the boar will manage the year and in Thailand – the elephant. Essentially, this does not change. We expect a year of rapprochement on the physical and emotional levels, carelessness and pragmatism. The combination may seem strange if it is not confirmed by the European school astrologers.

2019 will pass under the powerful influence of the energy of the Sun, Mars and Earth. At the same time, the Earth will be in a dominant position in relation to Mars, which means that the aggression and brutality of the red planet will be in a connected state. We will derive from it only assertiveness and unrestricted dynamics. In other words, the opposition will be replaced by convergence. The Year of the Pig 2019 will be favorable for the restoration of old unions and the conclusion of new ones.

2019 Year of the Pig is expected to have a bright, filled with an active and open desire to live, build, enjoy life in all its forms. Many of us stop thinking about tomorrow and begin to appreciate what they have at that particular moment. This is not to say that this will add happiness, but at least it will help get rid of the oppressive feeling of problems that threaten from all sides. If a year earlier, in 2018, everyone was engaged in a spiritual quest and painful attempts to recognize good and evil, then in 2019, regardless of personal choice, each of us will turn to the reality of our true existence. The establishment of order, reparation, construction, enlightenment of the relations with the liberation of the sins and the emission of indulgences will begin. Intellectuals will start inventing new gadgets, and the humanities will no longer hide their feelings.

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