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Burritos & Burgers & Cupcakes


Burritos & Burgers & Cupcakes

This article is for information only and doesn’t call for any action.
Y’all, I swear I’m getting my junk food binges under control, but I still have some older pics from the week before when I just went junk food crazy!

One of those meals was a Daiya Santa Fe Burrito with vegan beef crumbles, brown rice, potatoes, and Daiya cheese. I saw these at Sprouts and just HAD to try one cause they’re new! They had some with rice and beans (instead of plant meat), but I figured "go big or go home," right? Topped with homemade cashew sour cream and served with baby carrots and hummus. Because balance.

Last week, I was really back on that whole foods wagon. But then we had our monthly Crosstown Arts staff lunch meeting, which meant Impossible Burgers, Home Fries, Nachos with Vegan Chili, and Salad. Prepared by our Crosstown Arts cafe staff.

And we also had vegan Cookies & Cream Cupcakes from Muddy’s Bake Shop. I’m so lucky to work in such a vegan-friendly place!

Here’s a healthy meal! Tempeh with Brussels, Squash, & Kale Over Quinoa with Tahini Sauce. Nothing beats a bean/grain/green bowl with tahini.

And finally, my parents were in town on Friday night, and we went out to eat at The Liquor Store. They have Impossible burgers there, but since I’d just had one at staff meeting, I opted for the Cuban Platter with black beans, yellow rice, sauteed peppers and onions, and fried plantains. So good!

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